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Spring cleaning!

A whole bunch of craft items including: decorative paper, paper slicer, exacto knife and blades, paper hole puncher in the shape of a dove, two sets of x-mas cards, a small gift bag with a swan on it, stickers, ribbon, etc. All included in this bundle together.

A packet of lavender that I keep sniffing....

An unopened hip flask.

Two books on cd, neither opened. The Creepers and whatever that other one is. XD

Oil painting book.

A hot topic jacket with cherry blossoms and a bird on the pocket. Size L.

A pink skirt with sequins and bells that jingle on the ties. Size L.

A hot topic David Bowie/Labyrinth shirt. Size L.

Custom made shirt with a scene from Fatal Frame 2 on it. Size L.

Wildflower cross-stitch pattern book.

And one computer game called Scratches for anything with Windows XP, I would imagine. It's a puzzle solving game with a hint of "horror" that's supposed to be spooky. It's hard as hell and I couldn't get anywhere. XD

I'm also thinking of trading or selling my Soundwave MP3 Player...hm. Promised to Rad. 8D

Not *exactly* a trade, but...

I sort of need some help, and just want to find out first if there is any interest.

I need to make a hairstick or two, a few new styles of dangling barettes (or this one, or more likely, a new style altogether), and a leg chain or two, too.  What I need is to test them, and I haven't got long enough hair to test the sticks and barrettes myself.  I have to use a new glue and want to make sure this one WORKS so I need someone who is willing to wear it regularly for a while and let me know if it is holding up as expected.

As for the leg chain, well, I still haven't figured that one out.  I have slim, muscular legs and my legs are more muscular this year than they were last, when I made this chain.  So they have a fair curve to the calf, and they tend to change shape a lot as I'm walking, with the lengthening and shortening of the muscle.  I wore mine twice and didn't break it, but I'm thinking that they might fall off some women, and that others with more developed calves or larger legs might snap the links.

So as you can see, I need to do some testing.  And I don't go out often enough to test it myself, not without waiting a really long time.

I haven't got any of these things READY for testing, but I need a kick in the butt, so I wanted to go ahead and ask if anyone is willing to test any of these items for me for a while.  All you'd get in return is to keep the item...and of course, I would make it to your colour tastes to begin.

I probably need about two people per item.  Would anyone be interested?  I'd just like to see if that's a possibility or not.  I still have to figure out how to shape around the barrettes and how to adjust the chains for varying leg sizes.

EDIT: Leg chains taken care of by silverontherose and indigos_angel, unless you really, really want one. :)

Oh MAN that's a lotta books.

Okay, I have a HUGE list of books to give up, here, and even more magazines...so I'm listing the books properly, and I'll just say what kind of magazines I have in case any of you are interested in a bundle.  So first, the easy part:

I have gardening magazines, genealogy, paper art, scrapbooking, cooking (usually light/healthy/specialty), fitness, home decor, natural health and home, various crafts, vegetarian cooking (I figure a few of my flist might use a bundle of these pretty well).  I have quite a few of several magazines specifically, like Memory Makers, Cooking Light, Vegetarian Times, Weight Watchers, Australian Paper Arts...stuff like that.  If you want some new mags to read and have a specific type you're into...gardening or whatever...or if you want to cut them up for pics or do research, just let me know what you're interested in and I'll see if I can make a bundle of six or twelve or whatever you want.  I checked my pile...it's about three feet high, almost exactly.  So it's probably about two hundred mags :P  (I will only keep the mags for a month before I send them to be recycled or whatever, so speak up if you want some!) (I have now gotten rid of almost all the mags, keeping only a handful of the most promising.)

Now for the books.  This is a big list, too.  All books are in PERFECT to GOOD condition...mostly perfect. ;)  I will link as many as I can before I get tired and I'll try to get the right version/edition but come on, this is a huge list... (I haven't marked which are hardcover and which are soft, ask me if it matters to you.)  Titles listed in red had no entries I could search.


I keep seeing all this stuff about cookies, are people really willing to take those as trades??

Cause seriously, I make the BEST COOKIES!!

They are gi-normous, and depending on how long I bake them are either incredibly light and crunchy, or else soft like the bakery's. Of course how they'd be once they get to anyone on my f-list... ?????

But I'm the ultimate cookie monster.

At this point I'm willing to trade 5 dozen cookies, if anyone introduces me to my soul mate. The cookies come in chocolate chip oatmeal, and peanut butter. (The peanut butter has the butter come out and melt in your mouth.) My sugar cookies rock too, though they don't turn out in a bakery style like the other two.

I'm 31, and looking for someone aged 25 to 43. He must be done with having kids, live in a warmer climate than where I am in Canada... *like this is hard*, and love my kids dearly. Oh, and I'm hot, so he should be too. *nods* By the way, did I mention I'm a Leo and therefore extremely modest????


Quirky's Intro

I've been meaning to do this, I really HAVE...just slipped my mind. (That happens a lot).

Well, let's see what I can do.

First and foremost, graphics and art.

I can do graphic design, either in Quark XPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, and some Flash and Corel Draw. So banners, icons, colorbars, logos, what have you, I can probably do it.

I can do traditional art, almost any media. I loathe acrylics, so I will avoid those like the plague. I'm just getting into markers, so no hope there yet. I prefer either working with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, oil pastels, or colored pencils. And I prefer oils over watercolor, but I do love both. I've also had some experience with tattoo design, but I never actually put the tattoo on, so to speak.

I also do web design, mostly by scratch but once in awhile I like to make things fancy with Dreamweaver or some standard CSS. I prefer writing the HTML myself, or at least being able to look at it and tweak it. I've been doing web design since 98, so I could probably do it in my sleep. I'm not so familiar with Javascript or PHP yet... and flash is sort iffy but I know it. *dusts off cobb webs* But if someone needed a quick site or something that looks nice, I could probably do it. This is my current website for my portfolio. (Man, that needs to be updated like whoa).

I can offer writing too, although I don't know what I can really offer. If you have a plot bunny you can't handle or something you want, I can probably handle it...

I have some knowledge on Astrology and Tarot, so I can usually give advice there. I don't know about reading tarot over the net, I probably couldn't do that, but I have been reading tarot since high school. My activity teetered off in the last years, but I got a new deck and learned a new spread, so I'm ready to get back into it again.

I'm terrible at crafts, cooking, and anything where a sewing machine is required. I'm in awe of people that can do that stuff. No really, you should have seen the bird house I once made. A cockroach wouldn't live in it.

I'm a big joiner and like to take to coordinate stuff. I don't mind helping people out if they need something fast, I've been known to do last minute things before for people like banners or icons.

I don't have any openings at the moment, but if someone posts something, I may still take a look. I do like to work on things simultaneously, so anything's possible!

As far as actual stuff that I could trade off, I do have a pile ready to go on Amazon or Ebay of unwanted manga, anime and books. Once I start transfering my VHS tapes onto computer files, I'll be getting rid of those too. I don't know how that's going to work here, but I'm always up for trades for sure.

Thanks for inviting me!

Hi, you can call me Silver, or my super-secret code name Amanda. Oh, shoot. It's not so secret now. As you can tell, I'm either silly or inane but can be controlled with a single bop to the head. I've been holding off introducing myself because I wanted to make a list of stuff to offer, but Rummy's entreaty melted my heart.

I believe I have all but two of Laurell Hamilton's books in a mixed bag of hard and soft covers. I'll try to get them listed tonight and posted tomorrow. (I don't have the Internet at home. Gasp!) I've also got some other books I'll put up. I can do research, can beta, and have that most desired of commodities- time. If you need something found, done, sorted, gone through, arranged, etc... I'm your girl. I like nitpicky jobs. I embroider and cross-stitch, make jewelry (very popular pastime in here), and do all sorts of crafts. I grew up with my mom telling me a vague description of what she wanted and I had to come up with it, so I'm pretty good at odd requests. I make dolls from paper twist, corn shucks, or rags. I'm also an excellent baker and will ship goodies and/or share recipes from my extensive files.

I love jewelry and most things shiny. I adore reading, and love books that aren't quite mainstream. I've had to halt my cookbook collecting though, it was out of hand. I'm a fairy and children's tale addict (original, not Disney). Art, stories, anything people make for me is loved.

Right now I am looking for the poster in the Final Fantasy XII guidebook because mine was ruined. Also looking for Final Fantasy VII and IX for the PS2. *edit* I am also looking for someone to do a background for a website called arachnestangle. Something simple... I don't have any definite ideas on it.

*hugs to the gang*


I am sloooowly cleaning up my bookshelves, as I am always buying more books and no longer have any room to keep them...they're stacked everywhere.  So I need to get rid of the stuff I'm the least attached to, and I thought I'd start with my manga, as I have the first volumes in 4 mangas that I am not particularly interested in continuing, as I am not willing to spend a fortune to buy all the other volumes.

So, I have...

Volume 1 & 2 of Ceres, Celestial Legend (Ayashi no Ceres in Japanese I think but please don't quote me, I didn't look it up.) by Yuu Watase.  The cover on volume 2 isn't the same as shown there but I looked it up by ISBN and the title is right (Yuhi) so it's the same one, just a different printing, perhaps.

Fushigi Yugi (The Mysterious Play) Volume 1 by Yu Watase (Why do they always have to play around with the number of Us that go in?)

Basara Volume 1 by Yumi Tamura, which most of you have likely never heard of.  The storyline promises to be strong, but the art is weird.  Bad, good...not sure.  Sketchy looking.  I wouldn't mind, for the great story, but...money.  Collecting manga just takes too much money.

Gundam Seed Destiny Volume 1 by three people that I don't wanna type out.

All volumes are in PRISTINE condition...they come straight off the bookstore shelves like this.  Yes, I have read them...but you'd never know it.  Not a crease, not a wrinkle...nothing.  I tread as lightly upon the face of a book as an elf does upon snow...somehow we just never leave a sign that we were there.

If you want 'em, speak up.  Otherwise I'll have to steel myself to donate them to the used bookstore, and the owner is such a jerk, he really doesn't deserve a donation.

EDIT: Forgot.  I also have Naruto Volumes 1 to 10.  I have the entire series to date downloaded and can't afford to buy more of the volumes so I don't see why I should waste shelf space keeping these when I'm more likely to look on the computer than in the books to do rereading.

Seven for Shveta

Note: Not locking this entry as I don't consider it private.  Rumi, if all entries should be locked, please let me know and I'll definitely lock it and everything from now on.

Turns out I have ten books on toiletries, soap, perfume and associated items, shvetufae!  I am willing to part with 7 of them.  They are:

Oils, Lotions and Other Luxuries by Kelly Reno
Natural Body Basics by Dorie Byers
Essence and Alchemy (A Natural History of Perfume) by Mandy Aftel
Making Soaps and Scents by Catherine Bardley
375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols by Jeanne Rose
Natural Beauty and Home by Janice Cox
The Natural Beauty and Bath Book by Casey Kellar

If you want them all I'll package them up and send them as soon as I can...it'll be a fair sized box, no doubt.  I have three others that I'm keeping...if you want me to name them so you can buy them yourself (they're all good) I can do that.  Or if you just want three or four books, let me know and I can pick the most comprehensive compilation, or you can pick, or whatever you want! :)

Hi, I'm me!!!!!!! lol

I'm a High Priestess who's studying to be a Shaman in a sort of odd way. I have an enlightenment column and my website adress is http://www.enlightenmentinthecity.com and I do website sales. The websites can be used for either the ez builder kit or built the "normal" way, and the cost of the whole kits along with the domain name and hosting fees is less than hosting fees with other companies. You can also make money if people see the cookie on your site and decide to buy one for themselves. They are $69.99usd, and are so easy to put together that even I can do it. THEY ROCK!!! LOL

My path is to help women find their path, and I'm very good at explaining off-beat behaviour to other people. If someone is totally warped and you need to know why, I'm excellent at deciphering why they're doing what they are doing. I'm also very good at conquering patterns that are holding people up in their lives, and I can identify what would be a better pattern of behavior to try. On my website is my monthly column that I have published for the last year in a local paper, and I want to get published even more and eventually get syndicated. I also want to build a fan base and a mailing list. I would be willing to trade life skills coaching time for getting forwarded to people who could publish me, or passing my column on to people who will join my mailing list. Lotus Faery is helping me with editing, and I would love more people who could help with that as well.

I'm constantly moving forward and making changes in my life. I'm here for those of you who want to do the same.

Introductory posts (and explanations)

Hey everybody...was chatting with Rumi and we thought I (who is more yappy) should make a post to get things going a little, since everyone might be waiting on someone else to get things moving.

rumdiculous and myself have both made introductory posts, but so far no one else has.  In case you were waiting for something in particular to happen first, we thought we'd let you know that introductory posts are encouraged as soon as you have time to make one. :)  You do NOT need to have something ready to trade, or even anything in mind.

We'd suggest that you say what kinds of things you'd have to trade, whether skills or items (ie: I have books and jewellery-making skills and supplies, etc) and what things you know you'd be interested in trading for.  It doesn't have to be something you want from one of the people already signed up...it's just to get everyone familiar with what is already available/desired within the community.

If you have a skill for use, posting a link to a gallery of your work/etc is a great idea, like Rumi's link to her Deviant Art accounts.  (She does art and will trade prints, so we get to see what she does and if we're interested in any of it.)  Collaborations are also possible for bartering, if you have one skill and another member has a complimentary one that you do not...making graphic novels, for example, or illustrated stories.  Even if you're just looking for new books, and have some you no longer want...it's all up for discussion.

For now, introductory posts to let everyone know what you bring to (and want from) the community would be very helpful.  Once the com gets going, we should be able to just post what we need or want to be able to do.  I'm sure everyone understands what I mean, though I do ramble a bit. :)

PS: rumdiculous is very open to suggestions, too.  She's not looking to be com dictator, so if you've got ideas, please share